The Museum of Nebraska Art


What began as a project for the University of Nebraska - Kearney art department has now become the official home for Nebraska artists.
In this week's One Tank Trip we go to the {A href="" target=_blank}Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney.
"It started out with thirty artworks and a dream and now we have 5,000 and a beautiful place to put them," explained Director of Development Mark Foradori.
The Museum of Nebraska Art came off the canvas in 1976. The art department at UNK wanted a place to showcase Nebraska's art and history.
"It's not entertaining in the way you listen to the radio or watch TV. It's entertaining in a thought provoking way. You can come and see beautiful artworks, original art that you can't see anywhere else in this area," said Foradori.
Nicknamed MONA, you won't find any Mona Lisas here as the museum is home to only
Nebraska art and artists. The musuem goes through about twenty different exhibitions a year so there is always something new to see.
"It's a great thing that we have here in Kearney and it's wonderful that it's in a geographical location that's central to everyone in the state."
The museum holds artwork from the four generations of Nebraska artists, from the first settlers to now, giving a history lesson along the way.
"It's a good place for families to come and learn about Nebraska history and sometimes the
parents come and they bring it as an educational experience for the children and the parents come and learn something new too," said Foradori.
Admission to MONA is free. It not only provides a showcase for the art we have now but also a gallery for those in the future.

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