The Nebraska Baseball Museum


He was named after the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms, and he was portrayed in the movies by none other than Ronald Reagan.

Who is this all time great? He's baseball Hall of Famer Grover Cleveland Alexander, and he's from central Nebraska.

Nebraska boasts dozens of major leaguers. Omaha is home to Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Wade Boggs. But it's St. Paul that can claim an all time great, and has {A href="" target=_blank}a museum to honor him.

Museum volunteer Loren Studley said, "The museum caters to one of our favorite players, Grover Cleveland Alexander."

The man who was named for a president, was later portrayed by another commander in chief.

"They made a movie about Grover Cleveland Alexander. Ronald Reagan played Grover and Doris Day played his wife, Amy," Studley said.

To this day, Alexander ranks among baseball's best.

"Some people may not know he is still the third winningest pitcher of all time with 373 wins," said Studley.

Nebraska has six players in the Hall of Fame. Some states have none.

The Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball honors more than the likes of Alexander, Gibson, and Richie Ashburn.

Grand Island businessman Whitey Richardson is among 131 Nebraskans who made the big leagues.

Museum volunteer Mick McDowell said, "If you like memorabilia, like to touch and feel some of the things that have made it into Major League Baseball games, like Whitey has given us three hats, bats, shoes."

Green uniforms on St. Patrick's day were the brainchild of Central City native Dick Wagner, an executive with the Reds and Astros.

Nebraska's crazy about the Huskers, but don't forget Omaha is home to the College World Series.

"The state's rich in baseball heritage," Studley said.

McDowell added, "In the early '30s and '40s baseball was king in Nebraska."

The museum is open from 10 to 4 weekdays. Weekends are by appointment, until summer.

Studley said it's worth a stop if you're in the area. "You could spend 15 minutes or five hours."

McDowell said, "It's a great day trip to slip into St. Paul. You've got rivers, golf course, antiques."

St. Paul is less than a half-hour from Grand Island. It's a One Tank Trip baseball fans won't want to miss.

Reporter's Notes by Steve White:
Nebraska's members of the Hall of Fame are Grover Cleveland Alexander, Richie Ashburn, Wade Boggs, Sam Crawford, Bob Gibson, and Arthur "Dazzy" Vance.

The museum has hats, gloves, bats, and balls from many players. Wade Boggs sent shoes. Whitey Richardson donated batting helmets.

The town celebrates Grover Cleveland Alexander days every summer.

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