Tim Sanderson-October 2013

My name is
Tanner Johnson, I go to Wood River Rural High School I am a sophomore, and I
would like to nominate my biology teacher Mr. Sanderson.

Sanderson deserves the outstanding teacher award for several different reasons.
Mr. Sanderson serves our country in the National Guard. He is a teacher who
makes what would seem like an unknown language, so simple in his lessons.

He doesn't
just focus on making sure we know state standards, he makes it fun along the
way. He actually tries to become friends
with you, and when you need anything you can count on him just as much as a
family member.

He makes
everyone want to learn about science because he makes the class laugh and have
so much fun. In his lessons, he incorporates iPad and technology use which will
majorly help us in the future. In his class it feels like he actually wants us
to learn about science, not just the right test answers.

All of this leads me to fully believe, my
biology teacher Mr. Tim Sanderson deserves the Outstanding Teacher Award.