Tips and Reminders for Bar Safety


Bars and restaurants are a place many venture to for socializing and winding down, but they can also be a prime place for predators, especially among younger generations.

The most common drug used at bars or parties is Rohypnol, a strong sedative. It is also commonly referred to as a "ruffie" or the date rape drug. The drug can easily be slipped into someone's drink as it is colorless, odorless and without taste.

There haven’t been any official reports of the drug in the Kearney area recently, but officials say it can be hard to determine if the drug has been ingested as it has common symptoms of a hangover.

"Usually they wake up kind of groggy. But it's hard to determine whether that's from what would be the drug itself, or a hangover from drinking so much the night before,” explained KPD officer Rob Tailon.

Officials say tests within 60 hours of ingestion can detect the presence of Rohypnol.

Local bars and restaurants can help decrease the number of occurrences by watching for suspicious activity. They are trained to alert authorities about anything unusual.

"The establishments go through what's called tips training or server recognition training, and that helps them not just with checking ID's but with how to see if someone has maybe consumed too much or is not in the correct state of mind," said Tailon.

However, officials say while establishments are on the lookout, the best thing is for each individual to be cautious and aware.

Don’t take open drinks from strangers, keep your drink with you at all times, don’t drink anything that has been left unattended and use the buddy system to keep people accounted for.

Recently on the Kearney Exchange Facebook page there has been some chatter about men possibly trying to spike drinks at local bars. However, police say nothing has been reported.

Authorities advise reporting any suspicious activity so they can properly investigate the situation.