Tips for Staying Warm with Layers


Head to Toe Clothing Layering

To start, it is important to consider what level ofactivity you are going to be doing. Ifyou are going to be walking then you would use a lighter layering system thanif you were sitting all day in a tree stand all day.

Most people who enjoy the outdoors know aboutlayering their clothing, but sometimes forget about their head, hands and feet.You should layer those as well in cold weather. When layering, be sure to use fabrics that will wick moisture away fromyour body such as Thermax, polypropylene, and silk. Avoid cotton fabrics as they can retainmoisture and aid in lowering body temperate, sometimes to dangerous levels.Cabela's and other retailers have several layering systems that can help makeyou purchasing decisions easier.

Cabela's Ladies Day Out

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