Tips on Color from Ashley Furniture


GREEN, surround yourself with nature's most perfect color!
Few hues ring in spring quite like green ( and keep ringing it in all year long!) Green is nature's most peaceful hue-- promising balance, serenity, and warmer weather ahead. But green has many variations and moods! Each of them affects us (and our rooms) in slightly different ways, depending on their makeup.
Here's the inside story on choosing (and using) Mother Nature's favorite hue indoors.
1 cool or warmGreen feels good to be around! It's a natural, balanced hue that's uniquely positioned between cool blue and warm yellow on the color wheel. But it can be influenced by either! Cool blue-greens feel sophisticated, elegant and relaxed. Warm yellow-greens feel youthful, fashion-forward and energetic.
2 bright or mutedBrighter greens--from grass to aqua--feel fresh, youthful and contemporary and tend to look best with light (including white), dark, or modern furniture. Muted greens--from olive to army--feel mature and well-aged and look best with rich wood-grained finishes and antique-inspired furniture.
3 striking or subtleGreen is a versatile hue and a good partner with other colors. Paired with colors from across the color wheel (or with a lot of colors) it feels lively and energetic. Paired with neighboring hues (blue or yellow), it feels pleasant and casual. Paired with neutral colors, it feels sedate and serene.