Tips to Launch Your Spring Weight Loss Efforts


Weight Watchers has tips to help jump start your spring weight loss efforts.

Spring Clean for Weight Loss Success: Clean out your environment for greater success. Take some time to set yourself up for success by bringing the healthy foods you need into your home and either getting rid of tempting foods or putting them out of sight.

Pull out the smaller plates or ones with patterned borders. The designs help to visually reduce the size of the dish, encouraging you to serve and eat less.

Track: Record what you are eating in away that makes sense to you. These days you can do it in a myriad of waysfrom paper and pen, to an app, to simply taking photos of every meal you eat.The added accountability and data can lead to greater success.

WeightWatchers 360° mobile app, available to Weight Watchers membersand online subscribers, makes tracking food a breeze. With the new Snap& Track feature, you can literally take a picture of your food anddrinks and it will integrate right into the app's Points Plus® tracker.

Say no to deprivation: Make sure not to cut out the foods you love. Jennifer Hudson eats chocolate every day. She knows how to manage chocolate because she ate it as she lost weight. Had she cut it out she would have struggled to manage it once at her goal. It is all about portions and moderation.

    Avoid boredom. Challenge yourself to trya new recipe or food each week. This will increase your "repertoire" of go-tofoods and make you more knowledgeable about the impact those foods have on you.

    Get Active. Understand that all movement is good movement. Resolve not to start too big, rather start small and allow yourself to celebrate every added step or minute of movement. Shake up your walking routine by using Google Maps to scope out new streets to stroll down. Take time to find the right time for you to be active.

      To help with motivation, WeightWatchers teamed with Philips to create ActiveLink™ exclusively for itsmembers. It's the first and only activity monitor and web experience thattranslates your movements to activity PointsPlus® values. ActiveLink allows users to set personalized goals, seamlessly track theiractivity routines – from walking the dog to hitting the gym – to help themreach their goal of becoming more active over time.

      Courtesy- Weight Watchers