To Close or Not to Close, The Question Many Schools Face in Extreme Cold Temps


For schools it can be a tough call whether to close school or not on days of bitter cold conditions.

Last month Kearney Public Schools and many others closed for the day because of extreme bitterly cold conditions. However KPS remained open Thursday despite wind chills that reached well below zero.

Though the standing temperature was colder Thursday than on the January day school was closed, KPS Superintendent Brian Maher says that it's many little factors that determine those decisions.

"Earlier this year when we canceled due to the bitter cold we knew that the wind chills were going to get into the minus thirties. So minus twenty versus minus thirty, that ten to fifteen degrees of wind chill really is the primary difference," said Maher.

Maher went on to say that he received one phone call from a grandparent regarding schools not closing, other than that it was a relatively quiet day.

Some parents say they would like to see better guidelines set for instances of extreme cold temperatures so they can better prepare for days when school may or may not be closed -- something Maher says the administration is looking into.