Todd Becker Foundation Hosts Biggest Fundraiser To Date


A Kearney man uses the tragic experience of his brother's death to help others.

The Todd Becker Foundation hosted its biggest fundraiser to date, as about 1,500 people gathered to help support the mission.

Todd Becker was involved in an alcohol related car accident in 2005; since then, the foundation has reached out to over 250 public schools across the country, and is gaining support and respect for their cause.

"The fact that he took the tragedy of his brother's death and turned it into something extraordinarily positive is one of the appealing things that brought me here tonight," said former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. "It's that he wants to take that tragedy and make it a triumph for other students so they don't end up with a premature death."

"I think what it is is a testimony the great things God can do out of tragedy, out of things that are intended to destroy people," said foundation director Keith Becker.

The theme of Monday night's program was "Public Schools and Public Squares" with Huckabee appearing as a special guest speaker.