Tom Osborne Promotes TeamMates Mentoring Program


      Tom Osborne says it doesn't take a Hall of Fame coach, just a caring adult to make a difference in a child's life.

      The newly retired athletic director is spending more time promoting TeamMates, the mentoring program he founded 20 years ago.
      He says a preacher invested in his grandfather, changing his family for generations.
      Now Dr. Tom pays it forward.
      He said, "TeamMates can have a huge impact because of the ripple effect, because one person affects another and another and that goes on through generations and can have a very powerful impact." Even as a 75-year-old running a major athletic department, Osborne continued to mentor a child.
      TeamMates hopes to grow to reach another 3,000 kids by next year for a total of 10,000.
      But Osborne told an audience in Grand Island that they need help.
      He said, "Hardest thing we have to do is recruit workers. We almost always have a third more kids who want a mentor than mentors." Osborne spoke at the Ag Outlook 2013 conference, which was donating a portion of ticket sales to the organization.
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