Too Soon for Gardening

The sun is shining and people want to get out into their gardens, but is it too soon?

With temperatures around the seventy degree mark, the itch for summer is drawing near. However, you'll want to be careful when it come to tending your garden.

Now is the perfect time to be out in your landscape not only for evaluating what you to do for the upcoming season but it's also the time to be trimming out any of the dead or damaged branches in your trees or shrubs. It's recommended that when trimming to take the top third to one half off your bushes and maybe cut back your ornamental grass. One thing you probably don't want to do is plant anything just yet.

Steinbrink Landscaping and Greenhouses Retail Operations Manager, Mary Jo Glandt says, "It's a little bit early to be out planting, however thereare a few garden crops, which they do call cole crops that do take soiltemperatures that are a little bit lower but it is just a little bit early tobe out there. I know around st. patricks day we always have a few wanting toplant those first potatoes or peas or something like that and you know what ifit's worked for you in the past and you have an area of your garden that maybethe soil temperature is a little bit warmer, go ahead and give it a try."

The ideal time to plant is in May but if you do end up planting anything, be sure to cover it with leaves or mulch or possibly a sheet if cold weather comes through the area.