Tornado Warning with No Sirens


Severe weather this weekend and a report of a tornado outside of town has Minden residents talking about why sirens were never sounded.

Residents took to Facebook voicing their concern about the sirens.

Some viewers are upset as well as surprised that the sirens never went off, while others are supportive of the system the city has in place, saying everyone needs to take a certain amount of responsibility for themselves.

National Weather Service Senior Meteorologist Mike Moritz weighed in but said every county's rules are different.

“Every county has a different policy when it comes to local sirens, so county A might be different than county B. So part the report of a tornado that we've had has been near Upland and as near as we can tell, it actually occurred in Franklin County.”

Minden City officials say they are confident in the decision made to not sound the sirens on Sunday, although they do plan to review their policy in the coming days.