Track to the Future: What's Next?


What is the future of the railroad industry? NVT's Jacklyn Ryan covers the answer in the final installment of her series "Track to the Future."

Planes and automobiles have given the railroad some competition, but over the years the train industry has not only turned up the heat, today they are bigger and better than they've ever been.

Amtrak is in 46 states, and Union Pacific stretches over 2/3 of the west. It's a big industry and continually growing.

Someday Amtrak would like to have trains in Nebraska collaborate with the bus and aviation industry.

"That's a growing business for us," Amtrak spokesman, Marc Magliari said. "We'd like to do more of that inter-mobile connecting people between the train made and the local bus mode and the aviation mode. "

As for Union Pacific, they hope to continue expansion and transporting goods and services throughout the nation. Both Amtrak and Union Pacific say trains are going to be around for a long time.