Tractor Relay a Unique Journey Across Nebraska


The open road beckons, on a journey unlike any other. That’s what brought Bruce and Amy Meyer together, as this father and daughter travel Nebraska on a pair of classic tractors.

Amy explained, "Have dad and daughter time, and it's our bonding time. We enjoy doing this."

"Turned out to be fun," Bruce added.

They’re not the only ones spending their summer vacation this way. Dozens of antique tractor lovers are going border to border along Highway 136 for TRAN, the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska.

Glenn Kirchhoff of Hardy said, "I really enjoy it, met some real fine people, got acquainted with some fine people. Enjoy that."

Today’s tractors drive themselves through the field, and computers control planting. But there’s no GPS or even air conditioning here. Just the rumble of the road.

Amy Meyer said, "Just being out in the open road, us spending time."

"Seeing the country at a little slower pace, not 65 mph down the road," her dad Bruce concluded with a laugh.

These tractors are workhorses, with many used on Nebraska farms for generations. Bruce parted with his, only to get it back.

He said, "I bought brand new in 1961 when I was in college for $3,500 and sold it in '79 and bought it back from the fellow."

Farmall and Deere are joined by names like Oliver and Massey. Randy Edson of Farnam did something different with his.

"It's dedicated to the troops, we did a POW/MIA paint job on it," Edson said.

People line main street in towns like Ruskin as the tractors pull in.

"They're really happy to see us, waving, they like to see the tractors, it's fun," Amy Meyer said.

Over the next few days, they will pass through Red Cloud, Alma, Arapahoe, McCook and Benkelman, along Highway 136. For more information, visit