Tractor Safety Course Stresses Safety, Helps Ag Teens With Employment


Reinforcing a good safety attitude is the focus of a two day class for ag youth wanting to work off the family farm.

Some tasks, like operating a tractor with implements, are deemed too dangerous for youth to do in agriculture.

Completion of a tractor safety course, like the one sponsored by UNL Extension service, is a requirement for 14 and 15 year-olds to obtain employment.

Officials say learning these skills are crucial for ag safety.

"Telling them to make sure they think about safety and think about the consequences of all the things they do before they do them, and be prepared to respond if there is an emergency situation," said instructor Aaron Yoder. "To figure out 'What I need to do to stop the equipment or what I need to maneuver it,' and if there is an injury or accident what they need to do to respond to that.

Twenty-two students participated in the two-day class in Kearney. More classes will be offered throughout the state through May and June.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Tractor safety training will be held at the following dates and locations:

May 29-30: Haskell Ag Lab, Concord
June 3-4: Farm/Ranch Museum, Gering
June 6-7: Fairgrounds, Valentine
June 10-11: Fairgrounds, Osceola
June 13-14: WCREC, North Platte
June 17-18: College Park, Grand Island

Contact your local UNL Extension office to sign up.