Training Held As Local YMCA Faces Life Guard Shortage


Grand Island's YMCA held a life-saving training this weekend as they experience a shortage of life guards.

Only five students signed up for this session.

New to the training this year includes changes in CPR, rescue techniques for those submerged in shallow water and assists to help kids get their balance at the bottom of a water slide.

"It's important that the teenagers that take the class or anybody that takes the class realizes the responsibility that they have," said Kari Smith, life guard instructor. "Pools are very dangerous. They're a lot of fun, but they're very dangerous and your lifeguards really need to be vigilant when they're watching the patrons of the pool."

Smith encourages those interested in life guarding to beat the rush and sign up for November classes.

The Grand Island YMCA also holds several trainings in the spring.