Treasurer Stenberg Not Set on Plans for 2014, But Says He'll Likely Seek Re-election

Treasurer Don Stenberg

State Treasurer Don Stenberg says he isn't positive what his plans are for the 2014 election, but he says he is "very strongly leaning" toward seeking a second term instead of running for governor or the open U.S. Senate seat.

Stenberg says he plans to announce his intentions within the next few months, but don't count on him in the race for U.S. Senate. Stenberg says he's "pretty well crossed off" a run for Sen. Mike Johanns' seat. He has been in the race for that position four times since 1996.

Stenberg hasn't however ruled out the possibility for a run in the governor's race. He says his experience as state treasurer, attorney general and legal counsel to former Gov. Charles Thone might serve him well in that office.

"Don't read too much into that," Stenberg added at a news conference on Tuesday. "I'm still leaning toward running for re-election as treasurer."