Treasurer's Office to Send Out Automated Calls to Owners of Unclaimed Property


Several Nebraskans may soon be receiving automated calls from the state Treasurer's Office as they continue to search for owners of millions of dollars in unclaimed property.

The office says the automated robocalls will be made to the home telephone number of a number of Nebraskans who own unclaimed property starting around the beginning of October.

State Treasurer Don Stenberg saidthe prerecorded messages will include information about how owners of unclaimedproperty can go about filing claims through the Unclaimed Property Division ofthe State Treasurer's Office.

"The use ofrobocalls is one approach we are using to locate owners of unclaimed propertyand let them know how to go about filing claims. Robocalls allow us to reach alarge number of people at one time and to put people in direct contact with ourclaims representatives," Treasurer Stenberg said.

Stenberg says his office also uses letters, outreach events, social media and other forms of advertising to inform Nebraskans that they may have unclaimed property.

The call will instruct listeners to check the Treasurer's website at to search for their names on their ownor to contact the Unclaimed Property Division by phone at 402-471-8497 or877-572-9688 toll free.

Listeners may also remain on the line to beconnected to Unclaimed Property specialists.

The calls will be made during normal businesshours Monday through Friday. 2009 was the last year the Treasurer's Office used these calls to contact unclaimed property owners.