Trial Begins for Accused Murderer Dylan Coryell


A small town Kansas love triangle turned deadly, and now one Kansas man is standing trial for murder.

The trial for accused murderer Dylan Coryell began on Tuesday.

Cory Cook was shot and killed the night of October 15, 2011 in Oberlin, Kan. Tuesday, the prosecution and defense gave their opening statements to the jury.

The prosecution painted a picture for the jury depicting Coryell barging into Cook's house and using a shotgun to kill him.

The defense tried to sway the jury towards the idea that this was a drunken night causing the lines to blur when remembering what happened that night.

Witness after witness took the stand testifying about what happened on Oct. 15, but they too had fuzzy memories.

Two different parties were happening at Andrew Richard's and Ryan McEvoy's house throughout the night. Many of those who went to the parties began the night by drinking at the local watering hole, the American Legion. Many then continued to drink on the way to each of the parties.

A love triangle was also playing a part in the drama of the night. Cook's girlfriend, Sarah Campbell also had a fling with Coryell. She said they had a sexual relationship.

But the defense also threw another love triangle in the mix. Another one of the friends drinking that night was Everett Urban. Cook and Urban wanted to fight each other at the "hog units" to hash everything out.

Urban's girlfriend at the time, Jordan had an interest in Cook earlier. As the trial progresses, the jury will have to sort all this out before deciding Coryell's fate.

Coryell is charged with first-degree premeditated murder, aggravated battery and aggravated burglary.