Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes... Prime Rib?


Most dinner tables in central Nebraska will feature the traditional Thanksgiving meal, with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.But it seems every family has their own way of making it special.

Joan Wiese said, "We have a four layer pistachio salad that our kids, that's what they request. We have to do it Christmas, birthdays, whatever."

Turkey takes top billing, but many say it's all in the side dish.

Trista Cress of Gibbon said, "It's got to be the dip. It's cottage cheese based with ranch dressing in it. Use it with all the vegetables."

But those special occasion menu items can cause panic at the supermarket.

"Pie filling is always a challenge. People ask for that,' Hy-Vee Store Director Dave Blum said.

"French fried onions are probably the number one asked for item. Fruit cake mix is one no one can ever find."

The meals don't end with the inevitable turkey leftovers. Ron and Darla Bishop will enjoy turkey dinner together, but that's not all.

"Then the family comes in Sunday for prime rib," Darla explained.

Surveys show a third of us will buy ready-to-eat items, and those numbers climb every year.

That's handy for any host or hostess with a big family to feed, like Trista Cress with 14 hungry people coming over.

"That's a big crowd around the dinner table this year," she said.

And if you think Black Friday is only big for electronics and fashion, it's also game day, so grocery stores will be ready for folks with their football munchies.