Turn Off the Screens, Doctors Recommend Limits on Kid's Screen Time


A recent study found theaverage eight- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with differentmedia and for older kids that number jumps to as many as 11 hours per day.

The American Academyof Pediatrics (AAP) has released a list of guidelines designed to help parentsmanage their children's screen time.

Dr. Richard So of theCleveland Clinic said "for kids under two you want to have no TV. For olderkids you want to limit it."

He recommends twohours or less a day and said when it comes to teens taking their phones intothe bedroom at night "take them away."

The AAP recommendsparents model an effective media-use plan and become a role-model for theirchildren. Parents should set limits on themselves and their children includingmealtime and bedtime curfews for media devices.

Screens should alsobe kept out of a child's bedroom and screen time should be limited to two hoursper day or less.

Some doctors even saya "media time-out" is a good daily practice.

A media time-outmeans "all cell phones, computers, and tablets are turned off. It should be,maybe a half-hour or an hour after dinner time where even the TV is turned offand you just talk to each other as families."

The complete list ofguidelines is available online in the journal "Pediatrics."