Turtle, Frog Racing an Annevar Tradition


A local tradition had dozens racing animals not known for their speed in Ravenna on Sunday.

Seventy-eight participants put their turtles to the test at Annevar Days.

One of them was 4-year-old Caitlyn Cronin.

She had some help finding her turtle, which made it to the finals.

"My grandpa got it for me," she said.

Organizers said what makes this event so popular is that anyone can be a winner.

"The animals do what they want to do. There's no way you can sway the winner so it's just honest fun," said Terry Hervert, Turtle Drags and Frog or Toad Hop chair.

Twenty-two people also participated in the Frog or Toad Hop.

Hervert said, overall, the nice weather lead to a successful two weekends of Annevar this year.