Nebraska State Patrol Recruits Begin Five Month Training Course


To serve in the line of duty is a goal few reach, and it's the goal of 25 new recruits who are vying for a spot with the Nebraska State Patrol.

Monday marked day one in a five month course for the patrol's 55th basic recruit class.

Over the past several months recruits have undergone various tests and interviews, which were used to find highly qualified candidates for the program.

Recruits will undergo 23 weeks of training in an environment similar to military training.

"They're embarking on a career to be a Nebraska state trooper," said Captain Mark Williams. "They will be in a paramilitary environment. It will be a structured environment. This is what we call a residential academy. They will be receiving their training from Sunday evening until Friday afternoon."

Twenty men and five women make up the class.

Graduation will take place in July. Following that, they will then spend the next six months learning the ropes with an established trooper in a ride-along setting.