Two Blue Hill Residents Considered Finalists for Hero Award


Sen. Mike Johanns has announced that Phil Petr and Ron Meyer of BlueHill have been selected as finalists for the national Citizen Service BeforeSelf Honors.

Last December, Johanns nominated the duo for the award for theirbravery rescuing five children from a burning bus in rural Webster County.

The award recipients will be announced March 11.

"Wewill never forget the tragic losses that day in Blue Hill, but I'm very pleasedto also recognize the courage and bravery of the citizen heroes who respondedwithout training and without hesitation," Johanns said. "Although we aregrateful to all first responders, we are mindful that children's lives weresaved because of the heroism shown by Ron and Phil who simply happened upon thescene of the crash. They set a shining example of what it means to putothers first and I hope this recognition serves as a small token of the immensegratitude felt by the community and our state."

Eachyear, the Citizen Service Before Self award honors Americans for their extraordinaryacts of bravery and heroism. To be considered for the award, nominees must havemade a difference in the lives of others through a singular extraordinary actof heroism or continued commitment to putting others first. The four award recipients will be honored on March 25, in conjunction with National Medal of Honorday.

Courtesy- Sen. Johanns' Office