Two Car Collision in Phelps County

Five people in Phelps County were sent to the hospital as a result of a two–car collision. The accident happened just east of Holdrege on highway six and 34 this afternoon.

Phelps County Sheriff Gene Samuelson said a green Subaru was west–bound passing another vehicle while a white pickup was heading east. The two cars collided with each other into a ditch, as they both took evasive action to avoid the other. The sheriff says cars passing are a concern in the community.

"We got a lot of complaints on this highway about people passing unsafely. And again today we have another incident only this time we have an accident," said Samuelson.

Samuelson added he gets complaints about this all the way up to Minden. The five people were taken to a local hospital. The names are not known at this time. The Phelps County Police Department informed NTV there is nothing life threatening.