Two Kearney Public School Board Members Attend Last Meeting


Kyle Harshbarger and Rosemary Northwall said their final goodbye's as they attended their last school board meeting Monday night.

Northwall ran for re-election however she didn't receive enough votes to win back her seat. Harshbarger did not run again deciding that it was time to spend more time with his family.

"My family is getting to the age where they're really active in events and you know, it was just time for me to take a step back and enjoy my family," said Harshbarger.

"As I left the house tonight I thought about this is my last drive, this is my last time in, did all of that," said Northwall.

"It's bittersweet, the last 12 years for me has been very nice. I think that Kearney Public Schools when I started on the board was a great school system and as I'm leaving I think it's a great school system and that's always been important for me," said Harshbarger.

"I still will be involved with the schools, children are my passion it will just go a different direction," said Northwall.

Newly elected Angela Nickel and Jon Watts will take their seats in the January meeting.