Suspects Headed to Trial for Robbery of Topless Dancers

Feysal Sharif-Yusuf

Gunmen named "Rico" and "Magic" storm their way into a motel room filled with strippers and cash. It's no scene from the movies, that's what police say happened last December in Grand Island.

Judge Art Wetzel called it "very terrifying circumstances," as he ruled there's enough evidence against the two men to send this case to trial.
Hussein Hussein left court a free man on Tuesday, and so did Feysal Sharif-Yusuf.
But they'll be back, to face trial on charges of robbery and use of a firearm to commit a felony.
Grand Island Police investigator Jeff McConnell testified both had guns and both struck women staying at the Conoco Motel.
They were dancers at the Edge Bar near Alda.
One woman kept all their cash, up to $17,000.
Hall County Attorney Mark Young called it a "joint sock account," with bills stuffed in a black stocking.
Officers later found a roll of cash and IDs belonging to the women in one suspect's car.
They also found handguns at the home the men share.
The victims say they were robbed by four black men, yet only two face charges.
Police say they don't have enough evidence against the other two. But they continue to investigate, and more charges are possible.
According to Investigator McConnell, the victims had some trouble with a photo lineup, but told police they knew the men as "Rico" and "Magic" from the club.
They heard Hussein called by the name Rico during the robbery. They apparently identified Sharif-Yusef, known as Magic when his bandana fell, showing his face. Defense attorneys questioned if there was evidence of three robbery victims, since the cash was kept together.
The men each face three counts of robbery, and a count of using a weapon to go with each robbery charge.
Prosecutor Mark Young dropped two charges at the conclusion of the hearing.
As for the link between the men and the victims, Young said previously Hussein's girlfriend worked at the club.
He said today she is known as "Lady", or "Pink", or "Pink Lady."
Much more on the relationship between the suspects and victims is likely to come out at trial.
The next step will be arraignment in Hall County District Court, then on to trial.