Two Wind Turbine Facilities Temporarily Off-line Due To High Winds


Some may say harnessing wind is the solution toward creating clean energy, but too much wind can also hinder the process.

Monday's gusts caused some problems for NPPD. While five wind turbine facilities have been working at nearly full capacity, two of their facilities -- in Ainsworth and Springfield -- had to be shut down for most of the day because of wind speeds that were too high.

Officials say that's typical of any plant if wind gusts get higher than 50 to 55 miles per hour.

"Wind facilities are pretty much computerized, and if wind speeds get too high they will automatically shut down," said NPPD's Mark Becker. "That would happen at all facilities, even the newer the facility more efficient wind turbines that can take higher wind speeds. Ainsworth is probably a 9-year-old facility."

Becker adds the shutdown aids in avoiding possible damage to the turbines, and says no customers lost power because of the shutdown.