Unicameral Discussing Age Limit For Tanning Beds


A bill to keep kids younger than 16 out of indoor tanning beds is facing resistance in the Legislature.

Supporters compare the proposal to youth restrictions on alcohol and tobacco, while opponents cry government overreach.

The bill is intended to prevent skin cancer among young people, requiring tanning facilities to post warning signs about the risk in an easy to see spot.

One Holdrege salon owner says she already requires parental consent for teens younger than 18, and her younger customers usually just come in for special occasions like prom or a trip.

She says she gets the Legislation's point, but adds the bill would hurt business.

"I see some salons will close because of that, just, like I said, this is tanning season for everybody in Nebraska, winter time is," said salon co-owner Casey Brown. "It's not really busy. I just don't think it would be a good idea."

The original measure set the age restriction at 18 years old. Lawmakers adjourned for the week before voting.