Unidentified Human Skull Found in Eastern Nebraska


A contractor excavating land near Lyons, Neb. found a human skull in November. Police are investigating to see if the skull belongs to a woman that went missing in the area in 1995.

The contractor turned the skull over to the Lyons Police Department where it was determined through a forensic examination to be a middle-aged woman.

The Nebraska State Patrol is assisting the police department with gathering DNA evidence from a missing person case from 1995.

Wanda Krumwiede was reported missing in June of 1995. Her husband was charged with her murder, but he was acquitted in two separate trials. Wilhelm Krumwiede died in 2003.

"Atthis point it is premature to link the finding with the disappearance 18 yearsago of Wanda Krumwiede," said Nebraska State Patrol Investigative LieutenantRandy Morehead. "It is our hope that DNA testing can be done and when completedwe will be able to identify the remains."