UNK and Kansas State Unite for Computer Science Grad Student Program


A new partnership between two universities is helping to create opportunities for future graduate students.

UNK's Computer Science program has teamed up with Kansas State to help future grad students going into the field of research and development.

Seniors with a 3.65 GPA and above will be able to get application reimbursement to K State, among other perks.

UNK officials say this is a great boost to the program.

"UNK's really good with undergraduate research and sometimes it's not until they're into their Junior year that students really find that's something they're passionate about," said department chair Sherry Harms. "So this provides a free door basically for those students to be able to go into that as a career path."

And as the demand for computer science professionals grows, keeping students close by is important.

"If we can help keep some of our students in the region and help support the business growth here and the research and development because they need that advanced degree, students to be able to come in and help with that, then it not only helps us provide those for our students in that door, but provides the region with other students that are gonna be able to work in advanced careers in this area," Harms said.

Officials hope this partnership will add to UNK's small Computer Science and Information Systems program, which currently only has 100 students.