UNK Donates Food to Crossroads Rescue Mission


How much food do you actually use during a week? A campus experiment finds its amount of wasted food and that leads to a generous donation in return.

Monday afternoon, UNK students gave 714 pounds of food to Kearney's Crossroads Rescue Mission.

This donation was based on a three week study with UNK Dining called 'Project Clean Plate', that both tracked students' eating habits while encouraging them to be held accountable for what they ate.

While the amount of food is startling to some, for others the return is a blessing.

"By having the students figure out how much food they waste then maybe it's just a new way to be like the more you waste the less other people have," said UNK Residence Hall Association's Laura Juenemann. "And the more you conserve the more other people can have."

"We've officially been open a year, and we serve between 42–45 people three times a day," said Crossroads' Volunteer Coordinator Jon Lange. "And so getting 714 pounds of food from the University is huge and that's gonna help us bring hope to people in need and that's our goal at Crossroads."

Campus officials hope to do this study again during next year's fall semester.