UNK Fined $65K


The University of Nebraska-Kearney has been fined $65,000. On Monday the school reported the Department of Education was fining them for their crime-statistic record keeping.

The Department of Education says UNK did not properly report several cases from 2006-2008. The school says the crimes they misreported were non-violent ones.

Additionally, the department found UNK did not make their crime statistics accessible enough for students; those stats can now be found on the front page of their admissions website.

Another violation occurred when the university did not do an accurate breakdown of where crimes happened, and they mistakenly called a burglary a larceny. School officials say they realize they made a mistake and the want to move on from the situation.

“We will pay the fines as required and we look forward to continuing to report our Clery notifications in a responsible, timely manner,” said UNK Assistant Vice Chancellor Kelly Bartling.

The university says they found out about their violations in the beginning of 2011, and fixed all the issues a month later.

The fine will come from the school’s general budget.