UNK Holds "Clean Plate" Project to Reduce Food Waste


Reducing food waste at the University of Nebraska at Kearney isthe main goal of Project Clean Plate, which will takeplace Tuesday- Friday, Jan. 22-25, at theMarket @ 27th.

"Project Clean Plate is a sustainability program to try to reducewaste within the Market @ 27th," said Jen Kacere, RHA adviser. "Earlier thisweek, we tracked the amount of food and liquid waste at lunch and dinner." The project is spearheaded by the Residence HallAssociation and UNK Dining Services.

There will be several programs throughout the week to encourageand teach students effective ways to reduce waste. Theprograms will begin with a "Sampling Day" on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

"Students will be able to sample the food before they take it toreduce the amount of food we waste," Kacere said.

The next event will be "Portion Day" on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Onthis day, pre-portioned food will be available for students to give a visual ofwhat appropriate portion sizes look like.

"Thursday, Jan. 24, is ‘Sustainable Food Day,'" Kacere said. "UNKDining will be educating students on what sustainable menus are and how to use them on adaily basis."

"Finally, to further encourage students to reduce waste, we are taking it to the extreme by providing thelast program, ‘One Plate, One Bowl and One Cup,' which will occur on Friday,Jan. 25, during lunch," Kacere said. Students will also have the opportunity tosign a "Plate Up Pledge" during the week.

Thegoal of the project is for students to become moreconscious of the food they take, compared with what they consume.

"We want to reduce what we throw away on a daily basis," she said.OnTuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 29 and 30, after the weekof programs, RHA and UNK Dining services will measure the amount of wasteaccumulated in the cafeteria to learn if their efforts were successful.