UNK Holds Waste Audit


Students go to extreme measures to see how well recycling efforts are going on campus.

This isn't a science fiction movie, it's a special dumpster dive; sorting recyclables from trash as a way to reduce waste on campus.

This dirty job is called a waste audit; collecting and weighing evidence to see how the campus is improving, or what can be done differently in the future, not just on campus but for the whole community.

"I think everyone's learning just like how much we have come in the last year in recycling but also how much farther we can go in the recycling world," said UNK's Laura Juenemann. "And how much more room we would have in the dumpster's if we did actually recycle anything we could."

"I hope the community sees how much UNK's willing to be involved in their community service projects, but at the same time, that they'll see what effort we're making to have a cleaner campus and cleaner environment, and maybe they would make the same effort as well," said UNK student Maggie Jackson. "I've met several people around town that already do recycle and that's really nice but if we just make more of an effort by the whole community and not just the campus, that would be great."

Waste audit results from today shows that the amount of recyclable material found in dumpsters decreased compared to 2012, while the amount of material in recycle bins quadrupled.