UNK Hosts Vigil for MLK


The Black Student Association at University of Nebraska Kearney held a vigil to honor Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

This past week Dr. King would have turned 85. Members of the Black Student Association shared the impact King had on them.

"He allowed so many people just freedom, he helped out to affect other people helping the movement," said Tori Payne.

The president of the Black Student Association believes she would not be attending college today if it weren't for King. "Without him I wouldn't be attending UNK with other races. He played a big impact on my future," shared Alma Torrez.

UNK professor Claude Loishomme says the majority of his students think King was the only civil rights leader. "Ordinary citizens can play a role and make society more into the ways they think it should be, in terms of providing fairness and equality of opportunity," Loishomme said.

More than 40 students attended the vigil located in the student union.