UNK Improves Randall/Mantor Hall on Campus


The University of Nebraska Kearney is one step closer to completing their Residential Renewal Project. The past eight years the campus has had a goal to renovate every residence hall on campus.

On Tuesday UNK hosted an open house to present the new entryway to Randall and Mantor halls. The $1.3 million project features increased security, a lounge and a study area.

Officials say campus improvements are another way to help recruit students to Kearney.

"We really owe it for our students to have a safe and good environment which they can live and study in. Students from all over the world, we want them to be proud of where they live. We also want it to be functional and safe for them," said UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen.

Randall Hall resident Natasha Angulo believes the addition has multiple benefits.

"It's a shorter walkway to get to our hall, even management people use this. It's just a great place we can come down to just study or watch television and hang out with friends," said Angulo.

The next step in the project is to work on renovating the Centennial East tower.