UNK Professor Prevents Texting in Class


A new study shows college students play with digital devices more than ten times a day during class. One teacher at University Nebraska Kearney has come up with a way to stop his students from texting in class.

Marketing professor Sri Seshadri takes away points from a student if he catches them texting in class.

Professionalism is five percent of student's grade in his classes.

Seshadri believes the point of college is to train future professionals. Since he has put his rule in the syllabus, he says the majority of the class has stopped checking out their cell phones in class.

"I understand that today's generation are very good at multitasking, but I think learning is not a spectator sport -- you have to be engaged, you have to discuss and talk in class," said Seshadri.

Wearing a hat, listening to music and being disruptive in class are other factors included in his professionalism grade.

Students on campus today says his methods would definitely make them keep their hands off their phones.

"I'm more apt to turn my phone off because I don't want to lose points,"said Keisha O'Meara.

"I'm a huge fan of it, I think it is good that some teachers are really cracking down on some kids being on their phone," said Josh Barger.

"I don't like to lose points so I don't text in class," said Becky Earnest.

"Classroom is the place where education is supposed to happen and very few distractions," added Alan Hurley.

Some other professors on campus are following suit and implementing a system that would take points away from students caught texting in class.