UNK Ranks Eighth in the Nation for Online Graduate Education Programs


The University of Nebraska at Kearney ranks eighth in the nation for its online graduate education programs.

This isthe second consecutive year that UNK's College of Education online graduate programs have earned top ratings from U.S. News & World Report.

"It is atremendous honor, and a testament to our faculty members, to be recognized asone of the very best universities in the nation at providing a high qualityonline educational experience for our graduate students," said Dr. EdScantling, dean of the UNK College of Education.

UNK is ranked eighth out of 208 colleges and universities (only 143 met the standards to be ranked).

Rankings arebased on four categories: faculty credentials and training, student servicesand technology, student engagement, and admissions selectivity.

Of the fourcategories, UNK ranked the highest in faculty credentials and training at 98percent, making UNK one of the top two campuses in the nation in the facultycredentials and training category. Only Eastern Kentucky University placedhigher.

"What trulymakes our online graduate education degree programs outstanding is the highquality of our professors, and the training and assistance they receive fromour eCampus colleagues here at UNK," Dr. Scantling said. "Further, we use ourfull-time faculty to teach and develop our online graduate courses and degreeprograms."

"We requireall faculty who teach online to have training, and that training is provided byUNK," he added, noting that within the College of Education there are a numberof professional development activities annually that enhance and reinforce theinstructional training provided by eCampus."

GloriaVavricka, UNK director of eCampus, said, "The College of Education faculty havealways been innovative, ready to try new things. Once they started teachingonline, they realized that the classroom expanded, and they could serve morestudents. Also, the teachers taking classes in UNK's online programs have foundthat they benefit by sharing experiences with other educators across the nationand around the world."

All distanceeducation programs offered by the four campuses of the University of Nebraskaare available through Online Worldwide,, the university-wide distanceeducation initiative that provides access to more than 100 online degree andcertificate programs, including bachelor's, master's and advanced degrees in 16fields of study.