UNK Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With Candlelight Vigil


While the country celebrates the pageantry of the inaugural ceremonies, back here at home, UNK students reflect on another significant historical day.

Monday evening, students and faculty of UNK held a candle light vigil to honor the man behind the legacy who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

By gathering to remember Dr. King's struggles, they also show that people are continually embracing his message of justice and equality, and to be peaceful people.

"If, you know, no one came out here and it was just me I would still love the opportunity to pay my respects to Dr. Martin Luther King," said UNK student Cornell Leffler. "But the fact that so many people are out here just shows that people do still follow his message, that they took heed of what he said."

School officials also say it's important for the University to have an event like this as the structure of the campus changes.

"Building a healthy embracing campus community and a larger community I think is a part of that process of making the Good Life a reality right here in mid-Nebraska," said UNK professor Claude Louisshomme.

Monday night's vigil included speeches, poems, songs and a skit about Dr. King's imprisonment in Alabama.