UNK Secretary Embezzles Thousands from Music Department

Jane Jameson

A University of Nebraska- Kearney Music Department member is behind bars after facing charges of embezzling thousands of dollars.

Authorities say Music Department Secretary Jane Jameson used UNK and the Kearney Area Symphony money to fund her son's wedding. Nearly $59,000 is believed to have been taken.

Students said Jameson is a caring and fun-loving person, so most are completely surprised by her arrest.

"She had been a friend to everyone in the department and she didn't seem like she would do anything like that," said UNK sophomore Tyler Hinrichs. He is among music students at UNK who are just in shock, hearing that Jane Jameson is accused of embezzling thousands.

"This sort of thing does happen quite a bit. Lots of time it happens with trusted people that you know for years and years and years," said Kearney Police Department Captain Michael Kirkwood.

UNK administration started looking into charges after noticing many items Jameson purchased seemed to be of a wedding theme and knew she was planning her son's ceremony.

"She knew how this whole department would run and without her, it wouldn't run as efficiently as it did," said Hinrichs.

KPD started investigating after accounts for both the UNK Music Department and Kearney Area Symphony Orchestra came up short.

"It’s pretty much white collared crime finding out what happened to the money, determine what was supposed to be in there, what's missing and why was it missing," said Kirkwood.

Audits showed that in the last three years Jameson allegedly misused a total of about $34,000 from UNK and more than $24,000 from the orchestra. Court documents say Jameson has admitted to embezzling money for her own personal bills and remarked on how easy it was to do so.

She is expected in court April 30 for her arraignment and remains in custody for a class three felony for theft by unlawful taking. Her bond has not yet been set.