UNK Sees High Enrollment of International Students, Follows National Trend


The University of Nebraska at Kearney has seen an increase of international student enrollment in recent years, which follows the trend seen nation-wide.

More students are choosing the U.S. for their highereducation. Some colleges have seen as much as a 40 percent growth in international student numbers.

According to the Institute of International Education, international enrollment grew nearly six–percent last year across the nation.

Much of that growth is concentrated at big Midwest schools such as UNK. Five-hundred forty-four international students enrolled at UNK this fall, which is up just over 13 percent from last year.

Ten percent of the incoming class is now comprised of international students, representing 58 countries. The Republic of South Korea has the largest delegation, followed by China, then Japan.

Nationally, there were 765,000 foreign exchange students on U.S. campuses last year.