UNK Students Flock to Fall Career and Graduate Degree Fair


Helping students to gain post graduate opportunities is a big focus for colleges and universities, and the University of Nebraska-Kearney is offering them the resources to do so.

Tuesday's Fall Career and Graduate School Fair brought plenty of eager students looking for a broad range of workforce and graduate opportunities.

Roughly 86 companies and graduate schools came out to UNK for the annual fair, offering not only a way to expose students to different companies, but also giving them a better idea of opportunities after graduation.

"They hear a lot about this being a really bad job market and a tough job market. And so when we can get a big room full of companies that are actually hiring it's just a nice contrast to that," said Aaron Estes, from UNK's Academics and Career Services department.

The fair is also beneficial to those students who are unsure of the career direction they want to take, exposing them to fields they may have previously not considered.