UNK Students Give Money To Non-Profit Organizations


By Brandon Smith

UNK joined a select group of colleges such as Columbia University, University of Southern California, Boston College and UNL.

UNK is among eight colleges and universities that received a $10,000 grant from the Learning by Giving Foundation. Students distributed that money out to area non-profit organizations. Both faculty and students understood the importance it is to be able to give back to the community

"It's a great honor to us, it's been a great experience for me as a teacher and I'm sure for my students too," said Dr. Srivatsa Seshardi, Professor of Marketing at UNK. "Today, I like to especially give thanks to students for an awesome job.

"When you're able to give back it really builds your character and it really has," said Lisa Klingelhoefer, a junior at UNK. "I came in and loved non profit to, but just to be able to give them something and see the return is a great feeling."

Local non-profits received checks ranging from $500 to $2500.