UNK Students Stay Up Til' Dawn Raising Money for St. Jude Children's Hospital


For a few years now students at the University of Nebraska- Kearney have been helping to raise money for the patients of Saint Jude Children's Hospital, and last night they kicked off their biggest fundraiser of the year.

At 4:30 in the morning UNK students were still going strong and dancing away, which goes to show just how passionate they were about this event.

By 11:30 on a Thursday night most college students are getting ready for bed, but last night was a different story for about 100 UNK students.

Games and team building exercises kept the groups going through the night, and with help from social media, nearly $20,000 was raised.

"They emailed, Facebooked, Tweeted anyone they knew -- their parents, family members -- and asked for any kind of donations, and that's basically how they raised the money. It was cool to see on Facebook or Twitter people being like, 'alright come help us out and come raise money.' And people were really willing to help in any way they could," shared event organizer Mikayla Connolly.

UNK has been participating in the fundraiser for year and this is one of their first Up Til' Dawn events.

Mikayla Bending raised the most money individually -- nearly $740.

Bending says, "It was really easy for me to raise the money. It started out kind of rough, but I go it really quick."

Students pushed through the night that ended with a dance and even a head shaving, all for a good cause.

"We had a lot of people show up and especially for an event that lasts all night long. And to raise all this money, I'm just so proud of UNK and the people that came here just constantly pumped up and everyone just had such a good time so I couldn't be happier," says Connolly.

The fundraiser continues year round with this being their largest event.

Last year nearly $44,00 was raised for the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

All the money goes towards cancer research and the families affected by childhood cancer.