UNK's Project Clean Plate Donates to Mid-Nebraska Food Bank


By scraping plates and weighing the waste, UNK helps students see the importance of sustainability and a way to help those in need. Whatever food is wasted on campus is eventually turned into a gift.

On Monday afternoon, 222 pounds of food was donated to the Mid-Nebraska Food Bank as part of a renewed pledge by University of Nebraska- Kearney students to help reduce food waste on campus.

Officials say in times of crisis, tough choices have to be made.

"Whenever they have really high bills and a marginal household, something's going to suffer and it's usually the food budget," said Food Pantry Nutrition Services director Richard Weiss.

Project leaders say students are starting to understand the impact they're having.

"Just looking how much we saved from last semester to this semester," said RHA Sustainability program's Megan Kreutzer. "I think that big difference has really made them more aware of what we're doing and make them more aware to not waste."

The food will be delivered to the Mid-Nebraska food pantry on Tuesday. Project leaders plan to continue the program well into the future.