UNK's Safety Center Gets Grant to Train Transit Drivers Across the State


The Nebraska Safety Center at the University of Nebraska- Kearney has received a grant for more than $639,000 to train over 1,000 transit driversfrom transportation, bus and transit companies across Nebraska.

The purpose of the three-year grant is to train drivers in defensive driving; passenger awareness,safety and sensitivity; CPR and first aid; emergency procedures; distracteddriving and other areas.

"This trainingproject potentially could be a model for the entire country," said MickAnderson, executive director of the Nebraska Safety Center. "Nobody is reallyoffering this training in one package. We are excited to work with nationaltransit groups and create a model that becomes a benchmark for others."

All Nebraska transit drivers are required to take the training, which is offered free to those drivers. The courses will not only be taught at the Safety Center headquarters and driving range inKearney, they will also be taught by Safety Center staff at 14 otherlocations throughout Nebraska.

The first phase of program started in January and will run through August. The second and third phases will follow in the next two years.

The grant was provided by the Nebraska Department of Roads.