UNMC Professor has Developed New App for Children with Autism


Keith Allen, Ph.D., and professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center developed an app to aid children with autism in communicating more effectively.

Allen says the app uses evidence-based naturalistic teaching procedures to foster communication.

"Wewanted to help parents do more to help their children learn basic communicationskills. We wanted to develop something that could assist parents right in theirhomes, and we wanted something that was supported by research," Dr. Allen said."Naturalistic teaching that provides pictures of objects and prompts forparents fit all of these requirements."

Allen worked with BehaviorApp,LLC, based in Lincoln, to develop the app.

"Thiswill allow us to put the experience of a professional like Dr. Allen into thehands of many families of children with autism," said Evelyn Bartlett, BehaviorAppCEO.

Allen says the app is not meant to replace a trained professional, only act as a supplemental resource.

Alimited number of apps, which retail for $24.99, are being offered free ofcharge to families of children with autism. For more information, contact Craig Lutz-Prefect atBehaviorApp, LLC at craig@sectornow.comor 402-423-2444.