UPDATE: Kearney Teen Injured in Freak Accident Released from Hospital

By Nina Harrelson

A Kearney teenager injured in a freak accident last month has been released from the Hospital and is recovering at home.

Aaron Hernandez, 17, was injured Aug. 27 when a pickup he was working on rolled forward, pinning him against another pickup. The driver of the second pickup then pulled forward in an attempt to free Hernandez, injuring him further.

Police reports indicate Hernandez's head struck the right rear wheel of the second pickup.

Police say Hernandez could not be freed from the first pickup, which rolled forward, dragging him along until it struck a tree and stopped.

Hernandez spent almost two weeks recovering at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney.

No arrests were made and no citations related to the accident were issued.

Tune in to NTV News tonight for more details.