Update on the Pleasanton School Bond


With new additions being added, Pleasanton is demolishing much of its old school to make room for an upgrade for students.

In March of 2013 the city passed a nearly $9 million bond to improve the school.

Principal Ricci Westland thinks the classroom environment will improve greatly. The square footage will increase by 400 feet in the new classrooms. Students are also looking forward to a breath of fresh air.

“The air quality in the old school was horrible; when it was hot out it was scorching hot in the classroom. In the winter the heaters wouldn’t work, it was freezing cold,” said student Hunter Paitt.

A new air system for the entire building is coming. Touches to the auditorium will increase acoustics for music programs and the school's cafeteria will double in size.

There will be a lot more room to stretch for the school's athletes. The wrestling room will be tripled the size. The weight room will be twice as big.

“It’s going to be easier to do more technical lifts; some of the lifts require more space. Open up our weight room get some air moving through cool off a little bit in there,” said student Gale Miller.

The principal says construction should be finished by August 21st, but it could be a week or two later.